Vision Slats



Window Art Blinds’ new Vision Slats are a remarkably stylish, yet versatile option for your home. Enjoy the softness of a curtain, with the chic appearance of a sheer blind. This bold, innovative design gives users the benefit of both a sheer and block-out window dressing all in the one product.

Ideal for living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms, Vision Slats will bring elegance to any room in your home. The light filtering vanes of these blinds provide maximum privacy while retaining the light filtering properties of the sheer fabric. Room darkening opaque vanes provide privacy and light control.

Vision Slats are not only great for windows, they can also be the perfect solution for your patio doors. With Vision Slats installed, you’ll have easy access to any type of patio doors, as the blinds can be bunched in numerous different ways.

All Window Art Blinds come equipped with an innovative cord and chain mechanism. With a simple twist of the easy-to-use cord, you can rotate open and the sheer fabric will allow natural light into your home, along with a clear view of the outside world. Rotate closed and you have a great block-out product, which will provide you with maximum privacy. These blinds will also be able to protect your home from harsh UV rays, while still being able to partially see through them.

One of the greatest advantages of Vision Slats is how low maintenance they are. All you need to do is brush them now and again to make sure they stay free of any dust and debris that may be in the air.

Window Art's Vision Slats are available in a wide range of contemporary shades, like silver, grey, black, white and cream. These gorgeous neutral colours will suit any style of room with ease.


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