Venetian Blinds



If you love the classic look of natural wood, then consider Timber Blinds for your home. All Window Art Timber Blinds come with a matching pelmet for a smart and stylish finish.

At Window Art Blinds, we offer a range of different timber and timber-look products. Cedar wood offers the warmth of a natural wood finish, and is available in a light to medium, or medium to dark lacquered finish. Basswood will add an air of warmth and charm to any room in your home. All of our Timber Blinds products can be easily stained to match other wooden fixtures and furniture within your home, or you can paint the blinds any colour of your choice.

One of the main benefits of installing Timber Blinds in your home is that wood is an insulator, creating a natural barrier between the window and the interior of the room. In the summer, less heat will enter your home and during the winter, less heat will escape. Timber Blinds will also reduce noise, which is helpful if your residential area is on the louder side.

Timber Blinds are also surprisingly low maintenance. All you need to do to keep them in perfect condition is dust them every so often and run over with a damp cloth every six months.



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