Measure Guide:


Before measuring your window for blinds: You need to decide if the blinds will be fitted on the inside of the window frame

or on the outside of the window or to the wall.


The window frame is deep enough to fit the blind and brackets. Also make sure that there is no obstacles that may interrupt

the opration of  a blind such as handles, latches or mullions. Below are the frame depth needed for each type of blind


   * Roller blinds: 55mm

   * Vision blinds: 65mm

   * Wooden blinds: 70mm

   * Honeycomb blind: 40mm

   * Vertical: 75mm



Take the following measurements for each window you plan to order or get a quote, and a customer service associate

at Window Art will help you find the correct size windows for your blinds.


To Measure Width:

Measure between the window frames at three points: top, middle and bottom of the window opening. Measure from the

surface of the window frame, not from outside of