Vision Blinds



Vision Blinds are an innovative new window treatment also known as day and night blinds or zebra blinds. They offer the best of both worlds: plenty of sunshine and uncompromised privacy. These modern blinds feature two layers of horizontal striped fabric (opaque and translucent), which work in harmony to gently filter light, or block it out completely.

Two layers of horizontal fabric in one set of blinds can give your home a sleek, contemporary look. Vision Blinds are custom-made in Christchurch, and can be built with your choice of modern fabrics to match the current style of your home. From stunning metallic finishes, natural wood effects and classic muted tones, these blinds are as stylish as they are practical.

The Vision Blind is versatile, giving you all the benefits of a Roller Blind and Venetian Blind combined. Even though Vision Blinds are a modern window treatment, they still work in the same way as traditional blinds. They are the ideal choice for areas like the lounge and computer room as they reduce a significant amount of glare from the sun. For complete ease of use, you can opt to motorise your blinds so that all movement can be controlled with the touch of a button.

Vision Blinds are equipped with an easy-to-use chain, so you can control the amount of light or privacy you want at any time. When the blinds are adjusted to form alternating stripes, natural sunlight will filter through with ease and when the blinds line up to form a completely opaque screen, you’ll be able to enjoy immediate privacy. Vision Blinds will also roll up fully into the attractive cassette head rail to reveal an uninterrupted view to the outside.


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