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Retractable Fly Screens

Flies, mozzies and other insects are a frustrating part of New Zealand' summer life. But instead of just trying to ignore them, why not deal with them once and for all?

Retractable flyscreens offer a proven and effective way to keep insects at bay, ensuring you remain comfortable and nuisance free inside your own home – and can continue to enjoy the fresh air and amazing view outside.

Retractable fly screens work in the same way as a roller blind, only instead of fabric they use insect screen mesh and the roll is not exposed to view.In a retractable fly screen the mesh rolls into a cassette that can be fitted horizontally or vertically. The roll of mesh in the cassette is also spring tensioned, so when the screen is extended and then released, it gently rolls back into the cassette, making it completely sympathetic to the design of your home.

All our retractable fly screens are made of high quality extruded aluminium and durable PVC-coated mesh. They are designed to pass almost unnoticed, incorporating small tracks, discrete fittings, and a range of sizes and colours depending on your design requirements.

All you have to do is choose the style you want, sit back and enjoys the views – without the threat of annoying insects


Pleated Fly Screens

Instead of having mesh that rolls into a cassette (like a blind), the mesh of the pleated screens works like an accordion or a concertina. This means once the pleats are retracted, they fold and stack back on to each other with great ease.

This is in contrast to most retractable fly screens that require a spring-loaded tube in order to make the mesh roll into it. From a user’s point of view this can sometimes prove to be frustrating – particularly for the elderly or small children — as they are forced to “fight” against the tension to extend the screen.


Magnetic Fly Screens

Magnetic screens are a discreet screen solution for most types of windows, and an effective screening alternative to unsightly aluminum fixed screens or for hard to screen windows. The easy-to-use corner finger grip allows you to lift the screen from the magnetic strip to enable safe and easy cleaning. Available in a variety of colours to ensure they blend perfectly with your interior, the Magnetic Screens are suitable for all sizes and types of windows, including outward-opening, casement and double hung windows. The magnetic strip can be attached to timber, aluminium and PVC frames. Window Art makes the magnetic fly screens here in New Zealand to protect your family from annoying disease carrying bugs.


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