Plantation Shutters



Perfectly suited to the New Zealand climate, indoor window shutters allow a free flow of air into your home, while protecting your furnishings and carpets from harsh sunlight.

Indoor Shutters are traditionally used in Mediterranean countries. The reason for their popularity in these areas is because they can be used to regulate ventilation and sunlight in any room.  Indoor Shutters are the ideal choice of window treatment.

Modern day Indoor Shutters are incredibly energy efficient. They create an additional layer of insulation over your windows, keeping the air in your home at a comfortable temperature. On colder nights, Indoor Shutters can eliminate drafts and keep heat inside the home.

Indoor Shutters operate by rotating the louvers to adjust the angle of the blinds, meaning you have full control over how much light is let in, and in which direction it shines. Sunlight filtered downward can reduce glare on screens, and sunlight filtered upward casts light throughout the whole room, creating a naturally lit space. You can choose the hinge placement of your shutters to determine which way they will open, letting the sunlight in while still enjoying your privacy.

Window Art Indoor Shutters are now available in light and durable aluminium, or in stunning Basswood timber. Basswood shutters will give any room a rich, luxurious feel and can be stained or painted to perfectly match the décor in your home. Aluminium shutters are also a great option. They’re low-maintenance, durable and will give your home a sleek, modern feel. All our Indoor Shutters are available as either hinged, sliding or bi-fold panels, with a wide range of colours, stains and accessory options. Window Art also gives you the option to choose shutter blade widths, ranging from 49mm to 114mm.


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